What Makes IM Dye Chem The Leader of Reactive Dyes?

Faizan 7,Jun 2016 0
IM Dye Chem The Leader of Reactive Dyes

What are reactive Dyes?


Fiber reactive dyes are permanent colorants for fabrics. They do not wash off or fade easily. Fabric can be dipped into, sprayed with, or painted with dyes. It can also be selectively named as a dye bath.


Uses of Reactive Dyes


Reactive dyeing is now the most important method for the coloration of cellulose fiber. Reactive dyes can also be applied on wool and nylon. In the latter case they are applied under weakly acidic conditions. Reactive dyes have a low utilization degree compared to other types of dyestuff, since the functional group also bonds to water, creating hydrolysis.


They are also used for screen printing, the dyes will have to be mixed with sodium alginate to thicken it to the same consistency as fabric screen printing inks. Without the thickener, the dyes will simply flow through the screen.


Contribution of IM Dye Chem in Reactive Dyes


We at IM Dye Chem are one of the leading reactive dyes manufacturer in Ahmedabad and dedicated to providing dye solutions for Textile industry.  We are an innovative and research based manufacturing unit with years of experience in manufacturing and exporting various reactive dyes in all over the world. We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting Reactive Blue P3R to hundreds of clients across the globe.




Throughout the years the company has continually invested heavily for capacity expansions & technology upgrading. Right now, we owes manufacturing plants that are having the immense capacity of 800 metric tons. From professional advice and scientific researches, we have invented new technologies and developing world’s best practice production techniques.




One of the core elements that makes IM Dye Chem so successful is our Research and Development department. The talented professionals constantly evolving themselves in the latest techniques and innovative methods in the reactive dyes. With it’s R&D department, the company has achieved the fasted growth in the production.


Management Team


The experienced personalities that make IM Dye Chem so successful. The management team consists of father and son duo that enable new horizons in this niche. Mr. Faizan possesses immense leadership skills that not only help the industrial unit to achieve our dream targets, but also help our clients to select the best products for their businesses.


Quality control


Through its wide range of professionalism, we maintains a commitment to the quality assurance for our products. All the products including hot brand reactive dyes, cold brand reactive dyes and VS based reactive dyes have to pass their strict quality control. The company believes to serve its clients with the finest quality of dyes, and with its strict quality control, it helps our clients to provide the best outcome of the reactive dyes.

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