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Cold Brand Dyes

Such reactive cold brand dyes are extremely reactive that needs comparatively milder conditions in dye fixation. These dyes are usually manufactured for dyeing at a normal room temperature of 25º - 30º Degree Celsius using Sodium Bicarbonate.

We, at IM Dye Chem, manufacture dyes that are used in cellulosic textiles by using batch-wise, semi-continuous or and continuous processes in ...

  • Blue MX7RX
  • Blue MX2G
  • Blue M4GD
  • Blue MX2R
  • Blue MGX
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Direct Dyes



  • Direct Yellow 5GLL (Direct Yellow 44)
  • Direct Yellow 2RL (Direct Yellow 86)
  • Direct Yellow RCH (Direct Yellow 99)
  • Direct Yellow 3GX (Direct Yellow 6)
  • Direct Orange TGLL (Direct Orange 39)
  • Direct Sky Blue FF (Direct Sky Blue 71)
  • Direct Black E
  • Direct Yellow 88
  • Direct Yellow 132
  • Direct Yellow 28
  • Direct Yellow 106
  • Direct Yellow 11
  • Direct Yellow 12
  • Direct Violet 35
  • Direct Violet MB
  • Direct Violet 51
  • Acid Maroon V
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Hot Brand Reactive Dyes

Best for printing Viscose and Cellulosic Fabric, hot brand dyes are stable at 100 - 150 C by steaming. The reactivity of this dye stables the print paste with the amalgamation of alkali. Because of low instability this dyes never leak colour to the adjacent white parts in the print making it the most desirable and useful printing dye of cotton textiles. It offers a high end tinctorial value to fab...

  • Blue H7RX
  • Blue H3RP / P3R
  • Dark Blue R
  • Red C2BL
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  • Red Pigments
  • Yellow Pigments
  • Orange Pigments
  • G Yellow Pigments
  • Blue B Pigments
  • Navy B Pigments
  • T Blue Pigments
  • Violet Pigments
  • Red Violet Pigments
  • Green Pigments
  • Black Pigments
  • Pink Pigments
  • Bordeaux Pigments
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RO Product


  • Reactive Blue 160
  • Reactive Blue 220
  • Reactive Blue 221
  • Reactive Turquoise Blue G/Blue 21
  • Reactive Turquoise Blue HA5G/HA
  • Reactive Turquoise Blue H2GP/Blue 77
  • Reactive Turquoise Blue PGR/Blue 72
  • Reactive Turquoise Blue 199
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Vinyl Sulphone Based Dyes


We are specialist in manufacturing and exporting various ranges of Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes. Such dyes contain great dyeing properties for all kinds of fabrics. These dyes produce vibrant shades with optimum fastness quality. It is available in diverse colours and the range is processed by applying premium quality chemical compounds. While manufacturing process, all our dyes has to undergo a q...

  • Red CD
  • Red SB
  • Red S2B
  • Black B
  • Black WNN
  • Black CNN
  • Super Black G
  • Super Black R
  • Orange 2R
  • Orange 3R
  • Orange GR
  • Golden Yellow R
  • Yellow FG
  • Brown GR
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