Gujarat Exports Chemical Dyes to China

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Gujarat Exports Chemical dyes to China

Dyestuff industry plays an important role in the economic development of the country. The Indian Dyestuff Industry, which was primarily started to cater to the needs of domestic textile industry, now not only meets more than 90% of the domestic market, but has gradually also made a giant debut in the international market.


Today, India exports dyes and its intermediate to the varied countries including USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey. All ranges of dyes such as disperse; reactive, vats, pigments and leather dyes are now being manufactured in India. This industry is based on chemicals that are derived from coal tar and the petrochemical industry.


Role of Indian dye Industry at the international market


The Indian dyestuff industry forms an important link in the chain of other chemical industry such as textiles, leather, plastic, paper, packaging, printing inks, paints and polymers, etc across the world. The international textile industry is the major consumer of Indian dyestuffs and about 70% of the total production is consumed by this sector.


Massive export of Chemical dyes first time ever


Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat are pioneer in exporting 90% of the dyestuff production in the country.  In India, exports of dyes are progressively showing an upward trend since the last two years. Indian dye industries are majorly exporting their goods to developed countries like USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Singapore and Japan.


Right now Chinese dyestuff industry is facing acute shortage by producing only 6,000 tons of dye, while dye industries at Ahmedabad, Gujarat alone are fruitfully producing more than 4,000 tons of dye. Out of the total dye consumption of China, the dye makers consume 5000 tons and the rest of the quantity is exported by Gujarat.


The newly appointed President of Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturer Association (GDMA), Mr. Bhupendra Patel said, “Over the last year, we have exported 1,000 tons of vinyl sulphone to China. This is the first time such a large quantity has been exported to our rival country in the chemical sector.” Moreover shutting down the Chinese Hubei Chuyuan plant contributes additional shortage of 3000 tons.


China is the new emerging markets for the Indian dyestuff exporters. The industry has prepared a future strategic action plan for dyes and dye intermediate and expects to achieve a target of export of dyes and dye intermediate from present INR7 billion to INR12 billion.  The industry also feels that an export growth of this magnitude can be achieved only with the close coordination between the Indian government and Indian chemical Industry. And this is the first step towards an immense growth.

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