Hot Brand Reactive Dyes

Best for printing Viscose and Cellulosic Fabric, hot brand dyes are stable at 100 - 150 C by steaming. The reactivity of this dye stables the print paste with the amalgamation of alkali. Because of low instability this dyes never leak colour to the adjacent white parts in the print making it the most desirable and useful printing dye of cotton textiles. It offers a high end tinctorial value to fabric printing.

Hot brand dyes are monochlorotriazine dyes with low substantivity and reactivity. These dyes are easily soluble in water by adding water of 80-85ºC on powder and continuous stirring.

Compared to cold brand dyes, the hot brand dyes need either a longer steaming time or a high thermo fixation temperature for best fixation. When extremely substantive dyes with low concentration are applied, tailing is obvious. Tailing can be avoided by opting for dyes having medium or low substantivity, applying small padding troughs and functioning at the greatest running frequency.

Hot brand dyes are very low in reactivity, so bleeding of colour on white fabric is usually absent. It is most suitable for applying on all printing dyeing machines that gives a good shelf life to the products.

We manufacture all types of hot brand dyes as per the given specification for diverse industrial application. We are specialist in manufacturing of reactive blue 49/P3R dye. To know more about the reactive blue 49/P3R dye, give us a call or email us.

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Reactive Blue P3R by 100+ worldwide clients.

  • Blue H7RX (Reactive Blue 162) Dye

    Product Name Blue H7RX

    Color Index Name Reactive Blue 162

  • Blue H3RP / P3R (Reactive Blue 49 / 99) Dye

    Product Name Blue H3RP / P3R

    Color Index Name Reactive Blue 49 / 99

  • Reactive Dark Blue R Dye

    Product Name Dark Blue R

    Color Index Name Not Indexed

  • Red C2BL (Reactive Red 271) Dye

    Product Name Red C2BL

    Color Index Name Reactive Red 271