Cold Brand Dyes

Such reactive cold brand dyes are extremely reactive that needs comparatively milder conditions in dye fixation. These dyes are usually manufactured for dyeing at a normal room temperature of 25º - 30º Degree Celsius using Sodium Bicarbonate.

We, at IM Dye Chem, manufacture dyes that are used in cellulosic textiles by using batch-wise, semi-continuous or and continuous processes in traditional textile devices like package, open-vat, jig, Jet, padding mangle or winch.

These dyes are highly versatile in multiple application procedures and are also available in great range of fast and bright shades, which are the most vital features of this class of dyestuffs.

We, at IM Dye Chem, provide one of the finest quality reactive cold brand dyes that are high in demand by all application industries. We are the pioneers in manufacturing and exporting quality reactive cold brand dyes in India and abroad. Core Characteristics of Cold Brand Dyes.


These dyestuffs must be kept in dry and cold conditions. The containers of the dye must be air tight. Just ensure about the right storage environment of these dyes as high temperature, alkaline pH conditions and humidity can diminish the stability of the dyes.

Water Supply

To use these dyes softened water should be applied, avoiding alkalinity particularly while dissolving the dyes. If hard water is available, it can be softened using sequestering agents.

Process of Dyeing

Take cold water in the dye bath, now add desired quantity of gluber or common salt. Dissolve dyes paste in the water by adding 30º C temperature of water to the same. Now pour dissolved dye to the dye bath. Now place the material that has to be dyed and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes. You can add desired quantity of soda ash (as solution) and run the stuff for 45 to 60 minutes. Now squeeze, wash using water and soap and boil with 2g/L soap. Now wash with water and leave it to dry. It is very important to undertake soaping treatment to ruminate unfixed dye to produce dyeing of high washing fastness.

  • Blue MX7RX (Reactive Blue 161) Dye

    Product Name Blue MX7RX

    Color Index Name Reactive Blue 161

  • Blue MX2G (Reactive Blue 109) Dye

    Product Name Blue MX2G

    Color Index Name Reactive Blue 109

  • Blue M4GD (Reactive Blue 168) Dye

    Product Name Blue M4GD

    Color Index Name Reactive Blue 168

  • Reactive Blue MX2R Dye

    Product Name Blue MX2R

    Color Index Name Not Indexed

  • Blue MGX (Reactive Blue 163) Dye

    Product Name Blue MGX

    Color Index Name Reactive Blue 163