Our Reactive Dyes

A dye, potent enough to chemically react with a stratum to create a covalent dye substrate linkage, is called reactive dye.

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    Cold Brand Dyes

    Such reactive cold brand dyes are extremely reactive that needs comparatively milder conditions in dye fixation. These dyes are us

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    Hot Brand Reactive Dyes

    Best for printing Viscose and Cellulosic Fabric, hot brand dyes are stable at 100 - 150 C by steaming. The reactivity of this dye

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    Vinyl Sulphone Based Dyes

    We are specialist in manufacturing and exporting various ranges of Reactive Vinyl Sulphone Dyes. Such dyes contain great dyeing pr

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What We Do

IM Dye Chem located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been in this industry of manufacturing, supplying and exporting dye chemicals, textile dyes and reactive dyes across the countries for more than 25 years. We know the industry from inside out and understand the diversified needs of different industries from close quarters.

Adding vibrant colours to lives, we bring a great range of vivid and rich assortment of excellent quality of dyes and chemicals used in myriads of industries, for instance, textile, paints, mining, and food industries to name a few.

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Our Blog

  • 30 Textiles Printing Defects

    Nothing is perfect.  If you are running an industry and managing printing section, then all you need is to consider these defects that will distort the worth of your fabric. Here, we are listing some of the major textile printing defects to detect for setting a high quality standard for your textile industry.   Broken color pattern: It is generally created by colored yarn out of place on frame. Flipped yarn: This defect looks like scratches due to the warp and weft yarns. The yarns have been turned upside down. […]

    Faizan 19,Oct 2016 0
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  • Gujarat Exports Chemical Dyes to China

    Dyestuff industry plays an important role in the economic development of the country. The Indian Dyestuff Industry, which was primarily started to cater to the needs of domestic textile industry, now not only meets more than 90% of the domestic market, but has gradually also made a giant debut in the international market.   Today, India exports dyes and its intermediate to the varied countries including USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey. All ranges of dyes such as disperse; reactive, vats, pigments and leather dyes are now being manufactured […]

    Faizan 16,Aug 2016 0
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  • What Makes IM Dye Chem The Leader of Reactive Dyes?

    What are reactive Dyes?   Fiber reactive dyes are permanent colorants for fabrics. They do not wash off or fade easily. Fabric can be dipped into, sprayed with, or painted with dyes. It can also be selectively named as a dye bath.   Uses of Reactive Dyes   Reactive dyeing is now the most important method for the coloration of cellulose fiber. Reactive dyes can also be applied on wool and nylon. In the latter case they are applied under weakly acidic conditions. Reactive dyes have a low utilization degree […]

    Faizan 7,Jun 2016 0
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Our Client Say

Overall client rating is 4.7 out of 5.0 for IM Dye Chem by 100+ worldwide clients

  • We would like to thanks to IM Dye Chem for guiding to verify product compliance. They are great partners and we are extremely satisfied with their product and services.

    Alan K Client

    Alan K.General Manager

  • The experts at IM Dye Chem are professionals, accurate and timely. They are customers focused and provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Maria Client

    Maria.Managing Director

  • Excellent technical support and amazing after sales services. I like to keep business continue with IM Dye Chem and recommend them to others.

    Mehul Sharma Client

    Mehul Sharma.Managing Director